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Tricky Shots

We don't always get great lies around the greens. Tall grass, bad lies in the bunker, long bunker shots and more.

Toe Chip From the Rough

The toe chip that you learned on DAY 2 is really useful in tall grass close to the green. Check out this video and give it a try.

Bad Lie in the Bunker

The higher your shot comes into the bunker the better chance it has of plugging. Knowing how to get out from these lies can save you a ton of wasted shots.

Buried Lie in the Face of the Bunker

We never like to see the ball plugged in the face of the bunker, but it happens. Good news is that this shot is not as hard as it looks.

Short Shots in the Rough

Just because you are in the tall grass near the green doesn’t mean you can’t hit a good shot. The more your ball is sitting up the better but check out this video for how to adjust to the rough.

Long Bunker Shots

Long bunker shots are my LEAST favorite shot. I go out of my way to avoid hitting the ball in 40-100 yard bunkers. There is, however, a great option for long green-side bunker shots. Check out this video to learn what you can do. (p.s. you want to learn at what distance, for you, a long bunker shot turns into a fairway bunker shot where you need to hit the ball not the sand)


Here is your challenge for the TRICKY SHOTS:

Toe Chips from Rough: Hit 10 balls from close to the green in the rough. Challenge is 5 out of 10 within 4 feet. Note: You may try leaning left to help the club get down to the ball. Vary the lies in the rough from good to bad and see how you fair with each lie.

Buried Lie in Face of Bunker: If you have the facilities to practice this shot, hit 5 balls from the face of the bunker and get 4 of 5 out of the bunker. (The stance for this shot does damage to the face of the bunker so I would refrain from practicing on the course).

Buried Lie in Bunker: Throw the ball hard in the sand, step on it, or tap with club. Hit 10 buried lies and get 6 to stay on the green, 8 for a lower handicap.

Long Bunker Shot: Take out your PW and/or a Gap Wedge and hit 10 balls. Challenge to get 5 balls on the green. Low handicapper get 8 on the green.

Short Shots from the Rough: 

“Medium” Bad Lie –  5 shots with “High Chip” set-up, ball in the middle, square face. Then 5 shots with “Highest Chip” set-up, open face. Observe the height of the different shots and the roll. Observe if you struggle with one or the other. Challenge to stop 7 balls with in 8 feet.

Super Bad Lies  – Hit 5 balls with each set-up but lean left. Challenge is to stop 5 balls within 10 feet or 5 balls within 6 feet for lower handicap. Your goal is to experiment with the grass depth and the set-up to see which works best for you.

Congratulations! You just practiced shots that you probably have never rehearsed before…that is great progress!

Good Luck! 

You CAN do this!