Short Pitch Shots

The short pitch is often a tough shot for golfers but if you minimize the risk it becomes much more reliable.

Short Pitch Shots

The length of a short pitch shots depends on how far you hit the ball or how far your longer pitch flies. In my opinion, these are shots you need to hit when you can’t hit a low chip or don’t have enough green to keep your ball low. For example, flying it over a bunker, carrying it over long grass, or hitting to an elevated green.

For simplicity, think of these shots as high chips. You are going to use a lofted club, a sand wedge, and make the same basic stroke as a chip but change your set up to get a different result.


The HIGH chip

The high chip is going to go higher than your low chip shots but the strokes are going to be similar. All you need to do is change your set-up.

The Highest Chip or a “Short Pitch”

So don’t get wrapped up in semantics, you can call this whatever you want. I am calling this the “highest chip” because I want you to keep your wrist out of the shot. No wrist = chip. I also want you to visualize that you are making the same stroke as the low chip. Here you are going to make the same stroke but change your set-up to change the height on the ball. Chances are you will not need your ball to go any higher than this shot. Keep it simple!


The Flop Shot

The flop shot is a very risky shot that takes some practice.  It is “risky’ because it is a short shot that requires a large swing. If it is not hit properly the ball could go well over the green or only a few feet  forward. Go ahead and practice this shot but take to the golf course and use with caution and only when absolutely necessary.

Playing it Smart!

Big numbers or “blow up holes” happen but when the shots add up around the green, it is usually because players made poor decisions. Granted hindsight is 20/20, but you need to hit shots that are smart for your situation and level of confidence and aptitude. That is good course management. Check out this video of a perfect example.

Deciding whether to go to high or low. Visualize the shot ahead of you and what it should look like. Can you afford for the ball to come inflow and run? Or do you need to hit it high and stop quicker. Then chose the club and swing you practiced in previous lessons to execute the shot.