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Putting well comes from repetition, confidence...and lots of drills!

The good news is you can take quite a few liberties with your grip and stance. Understanding how to control distance, however, is the key component for your success on the greens.

Putting Introduction

After a short discussion on putters, I discuss what should be your main focus in putting.

Putting: Grip and Posture

Controlling Distance

Putting Drill

One Hand Drill

This is a great exercise to train each hand individually, find a cause of distance issues or path problems.

3 Foot Putts and Aiming

Nobody likes to miss short putts. The more you rely on a routine the more putts you hole. This is really important when you get close to the cup as we tend to move our head (peak) or aim poorly. This video gives you a solid routine for your short putts.


High Handicappers start at Level 1 and work your way up. Here is your challenge for Putting

Level 1: Distance Control. Pick a putt about 15-20 feet in length. Hit 10 putts. Challenge is 7 within 3 feet for high handicappers. (9 within 3 feet for lower handicaps)

Level 2: Distance Control. Pick a putt about 20-30 feet in length. Hit 10 putts. Challenge is 6 within 3 feet for high handicappers. (8 within 3 feet for lower handicaps)

Level 3: Distance Control: Staying at one spot hit  3 different length long putts with 3 balls (1 ball to each hole). You get 1 try to get the distance correct. Challenge is 2 out of 3 within 3 feet.

Level 4: For everyone, Practice two putting. Pick a target and with one ball try to two putt. Set-up your own Challenge depending on the green. 9 holes and all two putts = 18. High Handicappers goal is 21. Low Handicapper is 18. 


Challenge Level 5

The Circle Drill

The Circle Drill is amazing for practicing 3 foot putts from all different angles. The more confidence you have on these short putts the less pressure there is on your chipping and longer putts. This really helps decrease 3 and 4 putts.

Level 5: 3 Footers: Practice the Circle Drill from 3 feet. High Handicapper make 70% of the putts and low handicappers 80% (if you have ten tees from 3 feet make 7 or 8). SUPER CHALLENGE: You don’t get to leave until you make all the putts around the circle (in one try).

Challenge Level 6

Ladder Drill

The Ladder Drill is a putting drill that helps builds confidence on the green. It also is a great way to put a bit of pressure on yourself which makes you focus.

Level 6: Ladder Drill: High Handicapper do the drill. Low Handicapper, anytime you miss you have to start the Ladder over again. 🙂

Good Luck! 

You CAN do this!