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Chip Alternatives

If you struggle with chipping or want to learn a great alternative for some tricky shots around the green, CHECK this out.

So not everyone loves to chip. Some people simply cannot keep their wrists out of the swing and their miss is too penalizing, aka over the green. Below are a couple great alternatives to chipping.

In addition, these are great shots to have in your “bag” in certain key conditions. You are going to LOVE these options.


The Hybrid chip

I LOVE this shot. This is a fantastic alternative to chipping and pitching that you use when you have quite a bit of fairway in front of you. It is a very “safe” shot; it is predictable and repeatable. With a little practice, I am confident you will use this shot a bunch…and love it too!

The Toe Chip

The TOE CHIP, aka “the Paul Runyan shot” from the mid 1900’s

This is an amazingly reliable, safe shot. Once you try it a few times you will LOVE this shot. It is similar to the hybrid chip but used predominantly closer to the green. This is super effective with delicate, fast, little shots. Give it a try…You CAN do this!

Toe Chip Downhill

Chipping downhill can be tricky as it is hard for gofers to hit soft enough chip softs. Watch this video for a great example how the toe chip is an excellent option for downhill or fast green short shots.


High Handicappers start at Level 1 and work your way up. Here is your challenge for CHIPPING ALTERNATIVES:

Level 1: Toe Chip – With your PW, hit 10 chips from a few feet off the green. Challenge is 5 balls within 5 feet of the cup (Lower handicap 8 balls within 4 feet). Get used to repurposing the PW to act like a putter (use your putting grip). Fiddle slightly with your ball position until you hit the center of the toe. Some players need to favor back of center if wrist action is unpredictable. Remember this shot is forgiving because you can be wristy and still hit a decent shot but the variable in the amount your wrist move will give you a varied result. Still keep your wrist quiet just as you would in putting.

Level 2: Toe Chip – Use your SW and try the toe chip with 10 balls. Observe how short the ball flies and how much it rolls. Pick a target close to you or downhill and stop 5 balls within 5 feet (or 8 within 4 feet for low handicaps). If you use too much wrist you may not like the SW but hit 10 balls and see if you can land the ball on a consistent spot.

Level 3: Hybrid Chip: [WHICH HYBRID DOESN”T MATTER.] Try all that you have. If you have a very lofted hybrid the ball may not skip over the grass as much as a lower lofted/numbered hybrid.] Take 5 balls and walk 10 yards off the green into the fairway. Hit 5 shots.The challenge is to hit 3 balls within the appropriate distance: High Handicapper – 10-12 feet, Mid Handicapper – 5-8 feet, Low Handicapper – 3-5 feet.

Level 4: Do the same drill above but walk 10 yards further. And then 10 yards further. Observe your personal point of diminishing returns. There will be a distance that is just too far for you to hit this shot. 

Level 4: Hybrid Chip – If available, find a fairway grassed hill to hit up to the green. Grab 5 balls and hit three to the appropriate distance as noted in Level 3.

Good Luck! 

You CAN do this!