7 Shot Short Game Challenge

In 7 Days Learn 7 Shots Around the Greens


There are a few different scorecards that you my find helpful on your journey to improve your short game and score.

Short Game Scorecards

This is to take on the golf course and track your shots in the short game area. The data reveals exactly where you are wasting shots and where you need to focus. There is also a filled example scorecard that you can download as a reference.

Challenge Scorecard

Use this scorecard for a big picture glimpse to track which level for each shot in the Challenge you have completed. This is another way to get a glimpse at where you excel and where you need some work.

Individual Shot Scorecards

¬†Also in each Lesson is a “scorecard” to track your progress and challenge. Make sure to print that out and jot down your results as you go thru the Challenge.

There are multiple videos under each Lesson. Take your time and go through all of them. Review as needed!

You CAN do this!