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Ball Position and Width of Stance

Ball position and width of stance are related so we need to talk about them together

Consistent ball position produces more consistent shots. Most golfers do not understand where the ball should be positioned in their stance and how it relates to the width of your stance.

Simple Width of Stance

If you only hit a few of the clubs in your bag or you are not clear about the width of your stance, start here. This is a very simple view on stance that will serve you well until the time you are hitting all 13 clubs in your bag (putter makes 14).

Simple Ball Position

Ball position is very important…but it can be confusing. This is a simple version of where the ball should be positioned with wedge, mid iron or hybrid and driver. This is a great place to get started.

Detailed Ball Position and Width of Stance

This video is gold and contains a lot of information! You will definitely want to repeat this video several times.