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In the Busy Golfer’s Club, you receive monthly lessons to help you play more consistent golf with more confidence. Each month has a different theme and includes skills, drills, a Q and A and confidence on how to take it to the golf course. The lessons apply whether you are a brand new or seasoned golfer. There is always something to learn and improve on in the game of golf.

Here is what is included…


Golf instructional courses, printables to take to the course,


Each month focuses on a new golf topic and video lessons are delivered to your inbox. Watch, learn and repeat as much as you need to grasp the skill or to improve what you already do.

Drills to Save Time

Along with the skills video, you receive a plan on how to practice most efficiently so that you can build the skill and gain proficiency in the least amount of time.

Question and Answer

Each month, join a Question and Answer session to make sure you are on the right path and not confused. I answer all of your questions on any part of the game. All sessions are recorded for you to review on your schedule.

Confidence Building

Each month, you receive a special session on confidence building to help you play your best. I share how to take the lesson to the golf course with confidence.

Full Swing

The full swing is always in discussion to help you hit it better, straighter and further….what everyone wants. You receive full swing advice each month on common struggles – topping the ball, slicing, inconsistency, fat shots, hooking, distance, fairway woods, hybrids…or anything else you want to ask about.

“I can't thank Kathy enough for not just teaching me the basics, but the special pro tricks to improve my game. I started three years ago as a brand new golfer. I didn't even know which clubs to use! She breaks down the lesson, gives practical advice in a way that makes it fun and easy to understand. ”

— Chau S




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Available thru March 15, 2020

Monthly Member

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Each month you receive a new lesson, a practice plan and support for when you are confused or lost.

You can cancel at anytime.

After March 15, 2020 the price changes to $45/month.


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Available thru March 15, 2020

Annual Member

Join The Groove as an annual, member.

Each month, for 12 months, you learn a new golf skill, ways to practice and take to the course, build confidence and receive support to answer any questions that come up as you play.

After March 15, 2020, the annual price changes to $420



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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the topics each month?

If you would like to take a look at the tentative calendar for 2019, click the link HERE. The calendar is subject to change depending on membership requests. I am flexible that way 🙂