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THe 5 Foundations for a Solid Swing

Your golf game is BUILT on a good set-up – Grip, Posture, Stance, Ball Position and Aim

What’s included?

Instruction on the 5 Fundamentals so you can create a more repeatable and powerful swing

Grasping the Club -- Your Grip.

The only connection with the golf club is through your hands. If not placed on the club properly, your grip can adversely affect both direction and distance.

Standing Over the Ball -- Your Posture.

How you stand over the ball is critical. It sets the foundation for making an athletic, powerful motion throughout your swing.

Width of Stance

How wide your feet are apart influences balance, ball position and where the club hits the ground.

Ball Position

Knowing where to place the ball in your stance with each club is critical for hitting consistently solid shots. Discover easy methods to position the ball in the correct spot with each club.

Aiming Your Club and Your Body

Knowing how to aim makes life so much easier, keeps your ball on the golf course and prevent bad habits!

Kathy is by far the best instructor I’ve ever worked with. Kathy translates her expertise as a pro into techniques students can easily understand and incorporate into their own game. She’s given me the confidence to continue pursuing the game of golf.

Laura B.  Student Extraodanaire

A consistent swing is built on a solid foundation

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Your Golf Swing is Built from a Foundation of Solid Fundamentals

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5 Modules of Golf Lessons

4 Infographics to Print and Take to the Course

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Bonus Video on Aim and Routine from a Tour Player

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