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The Golf Confidence Coach

Confidence Creation

If you played enough golf, you know that the game is very mental

You have to manage your mind on the course as well as create a functioning golf game.

I started playing in national golf tournaments when I was 12 and always thought that to get better I had to practice harder than the next golfer so that I could increase my consistency.

I thought that confidence came when you were consistent and produced lower scores.

AND I thought confidence came easier to some people than others.

In fact, I thought CONFIDENCE was innate – you were either born with lots of it or not.

So, if you didn’t have amazing golf confidence you had to practice harder.

You had to have proof of performance to have confidence.

Teachers and experts (myself included) teach swing and technique to create consistency.

The more consistent you are as a golfer, the more confidence you build, the lower the score you shoot.

The problem is that this process is super slow and volatile.

The moment your consistency wavers so does your confidence.

When your confidence drops so does your quality of play. 

You take lessons, fiddle with your swing, buy new clubs, desperately trying to gain more consistency so that you can feel confident again.

Golf can feel like a vicious cycle of up and down levels of confidence and consistency. 


If you create confidence FIRST, you fast track your way to sustainable consistency.

Therefore, regardless of your level of consistency you still have confidence because you built that skill first.

AND, you know HOW to keep your confidence.

So stay with me because I know what you are thinking.

How can you be confident in something you haven’t shown you can do?

Confidence is not JUST trusting you can hit a 7 iron on a green, or getting up and down, or hitting a bunker shot from a bad lie.

It is much more than that.

First let me share with you what a confident golfer DOESN’T do..

A confident golfer doesn’t:

  • experiment with their game frequently
  • switch instructors often
  • beat themselves up for bad golf
  • blame others (partners, coaches, family) for their play
  • lose temper frequently
  • let one shot affect their whole day
  • struggle balancing golf with life
  • worry what other people think

Of course we need to work on our skills, it is a never-ending part of the game. This is why we love it…right?

But wouldn’t you learn quicker, play better and enjoy the game more if you could tackle the game WITH confidence.

So what does confidence look like?

As a confident golfer you:

  • take responsibility for your own game
  • have golf/life balance
  • have your own back when you play poorly
  • you believe in your ability and commitment to figure “it” out
  • don’t worry what other people think
  • know how to manage your thoughts
  • have goals and a plan to accomplish them
  • have skills to manage your emotions
  • make solid decisions quickly

Confidence Breeds Confidence

Couldn’t you play to a much higher level if you stood over every shot and swung BELIEVING you could hit it?

Trusting that you had your own back if you missed.

You’d be relaxed…not tense or nervous.

Your mind would be clear and present…not worried about what other people were thinking or worried what would happen if you missed.

You would have the best chance possible to make YOUR best swing. 

These are skills that you can learn

You practice hard
You take lessons
You work on your game
But if you are not working on the skills to manage your confidence and your mind,

you are taking a SLOWER PATH.

You want to get the most you can out of your skill and leave your best golf on the course.

I can show you how

If you want to take your game to the next level and feel like this may be the missing piece, jump on a complimentary strategy session with me and let’s chat. Click the link box below and pick a convenient time.