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The Truth about

Bad, Bad Lies

No more flubs, tops, chunks, skulls, shanks or mishits out of those BAD lies…or at least greatly minimize them. Discover how to advance the ball on uneven lies, tall grass, divots and fairway bunkers

What’s included?

Every BAd Lie that Wrecks Havoc on Your Game

Downhill Lies

Learn how to hit solid golf shots that get up in the air on a downhill lie – the hardest of all the uneven lies.

Uphill Lies

Uphill is the favorite of the uneven lies. Learn how to maximize distance by setting up properly.

Ball Above Your Feet

This is the easiest of the uneven lies but you still need to make adjustments in stance, aim, and club selection.

Ball Below Your Feet

When the ball is below your feet, it is difficult to get set-up properly and hit solid shots. Discover how to set-up and what to look out for.

Ball in the Rough

Discover the key tactics to advance your ball when there is a lot of grass around your ball.

Ball in a Divot

Ugh! Bad break, but knowing how to setup to the ball can save you when your ball is in a divot.

No Grass

Most golfers like to have a little cush of grass under the ball but you can still hit good shots when there is little to no grass or the ground is hard. We call this a “tight lie”.

Pine Needles

Discover some key tactics to hit solid shots off of pine needles.

Fairway Bunker

Learn to conquer fairway bunkers by adjusting ball position, club selection and your stance.

Kathy is by far the best instructor I’ve ever worked with. Kathy translates her expertise as a pro into techniques students can easily understand and incorporate into their own game. She’s given me the confidence to continue pursuing the game of golf.

Laura B.  Student Extraodanaire

Don’t let bad lies ruin your score




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10 Lessons on Bad Lies:

Downhill, Uphill, Ball Above Your Feet, Ball Below Your Feet, Rough, Divots, Pine Needles, No Grass, Fairway Bunker


How to Hit it Low Under Branches, The Impossible Shot, Picking the Right Club in the Rough

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