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The Bad Lies BUndle

Discover how to advance the ball on uneven lies, tall grass, divots and fairway bunkers

You CAN do this!

 ready to stop the struggle?

Discover How to Hit the Ball Out of those Difficult Lies

You know the story. You hit your best drive of the day right down the middle of the fairway and your ball stops in a DIVOT. Big bummer!

Do you know what to do?

How about when you have a DOWNHILL LIE in the fairway…

Do you know what club to use?

Ball in the ROUGH

Do you know how to adjust to get the ball out?


I can predict mishit shots, flubs, duffs, fat shots, thin shots, and more by just watching a golfer set-up to the ball in a bad lie.

Actually, I have no special magical skill.  It is merely about understanding how your set-up influences where the ball hits the ground.

If you don’t adjust for your lie, you simply would be lucky to hit a good shot.

If you want to set-up to those bad lies and feel like you have a CHANCE of hitting the ball solidly, then you need to understand how to adjust your set-up…and pick the correct club.

This is why I put together the BAD LIES BUNDLE. I want more golfers to quit guessing, save shots, eliminate “blow-up” holes, reduce frustration and simply have more fun! I want more people to enjoy the game of golf and finally say…


What’s included?

Every BAd Lie that Wrecks Havoc on Your Game

Downhill Lies

Learn how to hit solid golf shots that get up in the air on a downhill lie – the hardest of all the uneven lies.

Uphill Lies

Uphill is the favorite of the uneven lies. Learn how to maximize distance by setting up properly.

Ball Above Your Feet

This is the easiest of the uneven lies but you still need to make adjustments in stance, aim, and club selection.

Ball Below Your Feet

When the ball is below your feet, it is difficult to get set-up properly and hit solid shots. Discover how to set-up and what to look out for.

Ball in the Rough

Discover the key tactics to advance your ball when there is a lot of grass around your ball.

Ball in a Divot

Ugh! Bad break, but knowing how to setup to the ball can save you when your ball is in a divot.

No Grass

Most golfers like to have a little cush of grass under the ball but you can still hit good shots when there is little to no grass or the ground is hard. We call this a “tight lie”.

Pine Needles

Discover some key tactics to hit solid shots off of pine needles.

Fairway Bunker

Learn to conquer fairway bunkers by adjusting ball position, club selection and your stance.

Kathy is by far the best instructor I’ve ever worked with. Kathy translates her expertise as a pro into techniques students can easily understand and incorporate into their own game. She’s given me the confidence to continue pursuing the game of golf.

Laura B.  Student Extraodanaire


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Here are some frequently asked questions about the course!

Wait...Who the heck ARE you?

Great question and glad you asked!  Click this link to check out my story.  

How will I know that I am doing it all properly?

With appropriate videos, I give you specific checks to make sure you are doing it all properly. I also tell you how to practice. If you follow the instructions, you will have a fantastic foundation to play great golf. I never, however, discourage private lessons if you can afford them.

What if I have physical limitations?

Well, I am going to tell you that you need to get your Doctor’s approval for sure. After you are cleared by your Doctor, nothing I teach you should ever cause you pain or discomfort. Yet if you are uncomfortable there are a few things to consider:

  • you are probably squeezing the heck out of the club which causes tension and makes moving freely dang near impossible.
  • you are probably trying to hard and forcing positions which leads back to you are squeezing the club to hard.
  • read the Bonus material on 6 Golf Myths.
  • take a smaller swing until you can get the hang of what you are doing – it gets easier the more you rehearse.

My husband thinks he can teach me all of this. Is he right?

I get asked this question all the time. Would you take medical advice from your accountant? Or legal advice from your auto mechanic? Nothing against your husband, but unless he is a golf pro and has experience teaching, I would tell you no.

Good teaching professionals have worked for years fine-tuning how best to evaluate swings and communicate the appropriate course of action. There is a huge difference between executing and communicating how to execute. Most advice you receive from an amateur, no matter how low the handicap, is likely to be his or her own medicine. So proceed with caution.

I just want to hit the ball, is this really important?

Well, that depends on if you have a bunch of time on your hands to waste…or spend being frustrated. If you want to get better FASTER, you start with how you hold the club and how you stand over the ball…and you have to do it consistently. If you hold the club like a baseball bat and stand over the ball like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, your are going to struggle to find the ball…plus you aren’t gonna look very good!

I can assure you this, even Tour Players check their Fundamentals EVERY time they play.  If they don’t, they know that they’ll spend a bunch of time correcting swing errors and bad moves that manifest from poor fundamentals.

So in a nutshell, yea…I think this is pretty important stuff.