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Great News!

Learning the Game of Golf Just Got Easier!!

Complimentary Course

Are you a New Golfer? A Beginner? Or a Seasoned Beginner?

(yup, I have heard that one before!)

How About I Give you a Jump Start? Click the Link Below for the First Video of My Try iT Course…A Three Part Instructional Course For New Golfers to see if they want to give Golf a Try.

Whether you are beginning, learning or just struggling with your game, I got you covered.

I am here to help you enjoy the game of golf.

You CAN do this!

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“Kathy offers up the fundamentals of golf with a rare combination of insight and humor that I’ve gleaned from few other instructors or coaches. Kathy crystalized key concepts of the game and presents them in ways that have kept me learning, improving and coming back for more. She is a standout!!”

Jen A
Accomplished Athlete
New Golfer