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7 SHOT Short Game Challenge

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It is estimated that 60-65% of Golf shots  occur within 75 yards of the green.

So…if you shoot 100 you are taking 60 to 65 shots close to the green! That is amazing! And also great news!

The reason that it is great news is that if you wanted to make the biggest improvement in your score, you know exactly where you should spend your practice time – 75 yards and in.

In reality however, most golfers rarely practice these shots.

Most golfers routinely practice full swing shots 90% of the time and practice their short game 10% of the time.

WHY? I don’t know what your reason might be but from my experience my students tell me:

Blasting a Driver is Way More Fun!

I need to “perfect” my full swing first 

I cannot tell you how many times I hear this from my students yet every one of them comes back to me and says “I am wasting so many shots close to the green.” It is important to note, your short game is not any more complicated than your full swing.  And in fact, improving your short game improves your full swing.

I am pretty good close to the green

If you think you are pretty good in the short game area, you probably would not be on this page 🙂  BUT, if you still think you are efficient around the greens or “good enough” and want concrete evidence just simply play a round of golf and keep your stats. I developed a Short Game Scorecard that you can download below.

Calculate where you are strong and where you can improve. I suggest you do this over a few rounds of golf and regularly throughout the year. The proof is in the pudding.

I don’t know how to practice short game

Most golfers don’t really know how to make the most of their practice time let alone what to do in the short game area. I see golfers go to the putting green and just randomly whack balls around for a few minutes and then pick up their golf balls and call it a day. To me this is like treading water, you are working hard and not going anywhere.

Golfers could improve incrementally quicker if they were deliberate and efficient with their practice time.

Nothing is more frustrating than being so close to the green in two shots and then flying the ball over the green into an even tougher situation. Then ultimately walking off the green with a huge number. So frustrating!

The good news is that there is nothing magical or difficult about any of these shots. They are just mini-versions of your full swing. You just need to understand how to set-up to the shot and when to use it.


the 7 Shot Short Game Challenge

If you are looking to improve your short game to lower your score and have more fun on the golf course – maybe even save some embarrassing moments – I got you!

I teach you each of the 4 shots of the short game with some awesome easy variations to try and I teach you how to practice them so that you can make the most use of your time. You learn how to play it safe and when to take a more risky shot. You learn the difference between a chip and a pitch. You learn how to hit it high and how to hit it low.

You will learn how to minimize those embarrassing shots that sail over the green or that are flubbed and never reach the green.

At the end of the Challenge, you discover with which shot you are most efficient, when to use each shot on the golf course and how to practice to keep improving your short game.

You can take the Challenge as many times as you like and keep improving.

You will know WHAT to practice and HOW to practice.

How cool is that?
So here is what included in the

7 Shot Short Game Challenge

Each day focuses on a different short game shot. You receive access to a module with instructional videos on how to set-up and execute the different shots. Modules may also include drills and “common mistakes” to help you along. At the end of each module is a CHALLENGE to test your proficiency and increase consistency so that YOU can SAVE SHOTS around the greens.

DAY 1: Chipping

A low shot hit close to the green that spends more time on the ground rolling than in the air.

DAY 2: Chipping Alternatives

Great options for those who struggle chipping OR to use in the rough, on fast greens, or as a delicate shot.

DAY 3: The Short Pitch

A high shot close to the green including the “flop” shot.

DAY 4: The Long Pitch

A high shot with a wedge and a partial swing.

DAY 5: Bunker

A green-side sand shot including how to hit long bunker shots.

DAY 6: Putting

Rolling the ball on the green including distance control, aiming and building confidence.

Day 7 - Tricky Shots

This includes plugged lies, tall grass, hard pan.

The CHallenge

At the end of each lesson is a CHALLENGE to help you learn the shot, increase proficiency, gain consistency and ultimately LOWER your score!

The Challenge starts at Level 1 and works up to Level 5 or 6 depending on the shot. The Challenge sets milestones for you to achieve before you move to the next level.

It is an extremely effective method to practice and improve your short game.

A Challenge Scorecard allows you to track exactly which level you passed and gives you feedback on which shots you excel and which shots need more work.


Are you ready for The Challenge?

Join me for 7 days or as many as your schedule allows and let’s shave some shots off your score!
7 Shot Challenge


That's $7 a shot!

limited time offer

  • Each day for 7 days a new shot is released for you to learn.
  • Each lesson includes instructional videos on how to execute the shot.
  • Use as many days as you need to review the instruction and take the Challenge.
  • At the end of each lesson, there is a CHALLENGE or exercise to help you learn to hit the shot and gain proficiency.
  • The Challenge is a very efficient method to practice and improve. It is a plan.
  • A printable scorecard customized to each individual challenge allows you to track progress.
  • A overall Challenge Scorecard, allows you to track your progress over all the shots.
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