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The golf season is right around the corner and before you know it you will be standing on the first tee at Opening Day saying “ahhhh s*@t! I haven’t hit a ball since last fall.” Then you are gonna start praying you don’t top it or slice it out-of-bounds. You will begin to grip it really tight, your heart will start to pound and you will rush in your first tee shot when you think no one else is looking (but someone always catches you). I could keep going but you get the point. Those first few swings of the season can be a bit scary.

Do yourself a favor and prepare a little for that first round so that you can start the season on the right foot and enjoy the celebration and at the end of Opening Day.

So here are 7 things women golfer’s can do to prepare for season.

1. Find your clubs and dust them off.

Check your bag, count your clubs, search for head covers, check your grips and stock up on fresh gloves, balls and tees. Slick grips slip! (say that fast 5 times) Spring golf can be wet and cold in the North which makes them even slicker. Get them replaced now. If you plan on adding or replacing a club or two, pay attention to club demo days early in the season to try out the latest equipment.

2. Stretch.

Hopefully you have been moving all winter and if not…start stretching. You probably know where you are most tight but pay particular attention to shoulders, back and hamstrings. Tight muscles limit your range of motion in your golf swing. You will self-correct, adjust and create a new funky swing move that you can’t repeat. Loosen up.

3. Strengthen.

Women have a tendency to be particularly week in hands and forearms. Work on building your strength in you arms. I like to specifically work my left arm at the start of season. Your left arm does a lot of work in the golf swing (for right-handed golfers) and likely you are very right hand dominate after winter…especially if you play tennis or paddle. I like to try to get both sides equally coordinated and strong.

4. Just pitches.

Go to the range and hit a bucket of balls with just your wedge. Hit chips and work your way up to half swings and then full swings and then go back down to shorter swings. Go up and down in the length of your swing and shot. Slowly warm your body up and establish some rhythm. If you head out and grab your driver first few balls, you could pull a muscle. Besides you should always start with the short clubs so take this opportunity to create a new habit.

5. Putt.

You could have been putting all winter on a short carpet if you really wanted to but…I am guessing you didn’t. Grab your putter and a few balls and hit some putts on the carpet and get your feel and rhythm back.

6. Get a tune-up lesson.

I really encourage everyone to get a quick check by your local pro. I offer tune-up clinics every spring. Just like you car needs a tune-up, so does your swing. You really want to make sure your grip, posture, ball position and aim are on track. Things shift in the winter and you can start that first day aimed 4 fairways over, holding it like a baseball bat and standing at the ball like the Hunch Back of Notre Dame. Not that there is anything wrong with that……but you probably won’t find your ball too often.

7. Buy a new piece of clothing.

Spring brings wet and cold golf at times. Be prepared. Buy an all-weather glove, a new wind breaker or rain jacket, a pull-over, hat, or new logo-ed shirt for the season. A new piece of clothing or equipment always gets us excited to startt the season and you can support your local pro in the process.

I hope you take advantages of these tips.
Have a great golf season!

LearniT, PlayiT, LoveiT


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