What is the 5 Day Golf Confidence Bootcamp?

Every golfer wants to play with confidence. It is a fantastic state and feeling to have.

We feel unstoppable. We play our best golf.

But when it is gone or depleted, we feel lost and out of control.

In golf, our confidence tends to go up and down based on our last shot or hole. We become at the affect of our golf performance.

This is NOT how self-confidence is created. Self-confidence is available to you regardless of how you are hitting the ball. There are key traits of a person with self-confidence. It is a muscle that you build and train.

In the 5 Day Golf Confidence Bootcamp, I teach you how to create confidence on purpose. I show you how to build the traits of a self-confident person. Your golf game will thank you.


Attend a new workshop with a new focus each day!

Each workshop will include teaching from Kathy with an opportunity to ask questions live or in writing.

Each day you learn a new skill to practice as you build strong confidence.

Thursday June 3 – Confidence v Self Confidence

Friday June 4 – Hidden Thought Challenge

Saturday June 5 –  Power of Decisions

Sunday June 6 – Failing on Purpose

Monday June 7 – Watching Your Back


This Bootcamp is ideal for:

⇒ People who want to play better in competition

⇒ People who want to feel better about their golf games

⇒ People who are interested in personal development

⇒ Anyone interested in more confidence.

Junior golfers playing in tournaments

Teenagers (whether they golf or not)

The Formula
Self Confidence versus Confidence
Hidden Thought Challenge
Power of Decisions
Failing on Purpose
Watching Your Back


All for Only $19! That’s Right!

Here’s How it Works

When you sign up, you immediately gain access to the Formula.

The Formula is a tool referenced in the bootcamp to help you solve any problem. You can start using it right away once you sign up.

Each day of the bootcamp is a new workshop taught by Kathy.  You have the chance to interact with her live to ask all your questions and get coached.

You can stay anonymous or input questions ahead of time, if that is more comfortable.

In case you can’t attend live, watch replay recordings on your schedule and as often as you like.

Take action! I give you something to do after each call to start building confidence.

Participants receive a bonus offer to take what they learned to the next level. Not interested? No worries. Access the bootcamp recordings and use them to improve yourself and your golf for one year.

Sign up and get started today!

Your golf game will thank you

5 Day Golf Confidence Bootcamp


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